DS-301 Set

Benefits & Features
Dual tone siren - steady and warble
Stainless steel enclosure
Indoor/outdoor use
Dual tamper switches, front, and rear
Mounting hole for optional STL-1 strobe (not included)

Operating voltage: 6 - 14 VDC
Sound output: 117 dB @ 12 VDC
Current draw: 1 A @ 12 VDC
Dimensions: 5.7” x 5.6” x 3.7”
Color: White (siren), Stainless (box)
Materials: Stainless steel box and hardware with UV-resistant high-impact plastic siren
Wiring: Red-warble, Yellow-steady, White-common
Black tamper wires have no polarity.

Hear it: Steady Warble

DS-301 Datasheet

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